Honey Mustard Potatoes and Butterbeer

Posted on August 26, 2011


Take a picture, it'll last longer.

Whatisthismadness, Idon’teven…

Tonight’s dinner blew my socks and trousers off. In fact, my pantaloons almost went the same way. My roommate even ate with me, it was that good. If a man made this for me (and some dairy-free pudding injected cupcakes with scrumdibliumtious icing), I would marry him.

Then again, those are some pretty high standards.

I started out with the modest expectation of having  garlicky teeny tiny potatoes, as mine were about to go south. What I didn’t expect was a taste explosion in my mouth. Jump to my most recent life-changing thought: cut the potatoes in half and add honey mustard. Brilliant, my dear Watson.


Take a picture, it'll last longer.

Look now, because they didn't last long.

  • Teeny tiny potatoes
  • Garlic, minced
  • Olive oil
  • Honey mustard
  • Salt

To be honest, I didn’t measure anything. After washing the potatoes in cold water, I plopped them in a big ol’ pan with some olive oil and let them sizzle on medium heat for about 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

I then found that hunger had been lurking in the near shadows and was grabbing at my attention like a mad loon on fire.

To see if they were even close to finished, I took my spatula and broke a few of the potatoes open. The purple inside of them freaked me out a little, I must admit. I’m still here, though, so they weren’t poisonous.

Then it occurred to me, why don’t I add some more olive oil and cut them all open? The open potatoes will soak up the olive oil and become more fabulous than ever! It was a great success. Yeah, I know I’m a genius.

I kept adding garlic, oil and salt until I thought they were finished, i.e. crispy, somewhat burnt, and tender on the inside. Then I added a light coating of my favorite condiment: honey mustard. I’d dip them in honey mustard anyway, so why not add it? Let’s just say this: I should be famous. Not to brag, but a good portion didn’t make it onto a plate. My roommate and I ate these happy little critters right out of the pan.

With all this excitement about Honey Mustard Teeny Tiny Potatoes, I didn’t pay much attention to the kidney beans and corn side dish. I heated up my leftover kidney beans and corn on the stove. They complemented the meal very well, as did my Dairy-Free Butterbeer.


The adult chocolate milk

You heard me. I had a man’s meal tonight without the meat. I had a Harry Potter fanatic man’s meal. I took a Guinness and topped it off with some Almond Milk. The end. It calmed the carbonation, took any hint of alcohol away from the palate, and made my magical dreams come true. While fantasizing about Pottermore, I sipped butterbeer and read fan posts. Living the dream.

Bonne nuit, univers!

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