Percolating Idea: Crab Cakes in Tomato Skins

Posted on September 6, 2011




No, really. For realz, my friends. FOR REALZ.

I’m just sitting here, musing over what I can make for dinner tomorrow night after grocery shopping, and a wonderful thought occurred to me. First, I thought about stuffing red peppers with something delicious, albeit abnormal. But what would I stuff them with? Definitely not the norm of ground beef, rice and veggies. Nope, that’s not how I roll.

Then I remembered my dear cousin’s crab cake recipe that I’ve been dying to try. I’ve been yearning for crab cakes. Craving them, in fact. There’s one problem, however. Crab cakes do not, I repeat, DO NOT go with red peppers. Oh, maybe a (very) little sweet red pepper chopped up and hidden amidst a large bunch of crab would be alright, but crab in a hulkingly huge red pepper shell would overpower the treat of crab with the normal peppery taste. Let red pepper defeat the crab? Not on my watch.

Then a (possibly) brilliant thought occurred: stuff tomato shells with crab cakes and add hollandaise sauce at the end. I’m so excited about this looming dinner idea that I’m literally counting down the minutes until I can go grocery shopping. Tomorrow’s dinner will be DELICIOUS.

Thank you for reading my plans, my fab, friendly pals. I will update with the weekend’s mind-blowingly awesome dinner once I’m home and have the picture to put with it. Om nom nom.



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