Bacon Wrapped Scallops with a Twist

Posted on September 7, 2011


Crunchy bacon, juicy scallops... who could ask for more?

Shut my mouth, slap your grandma! But not mine, because she took me out to her local seafood restaurant a few nights ago. Before I finished chewing the first bite, I wanted to meet the chef.

Sweet and salty, fresh and cold.

A medley of flavors on one plate and all fresh. Delicious.

Upon request, the chef made me a special side salad. Every single salad listed had cheese, so I had to muster some courage and ask for a simple ingredient swap. In the listed tomato and basil salad with honey balsamic vinegarette, I swapped the goat cheese for mango. Yeah, that’s right, I traded goat cheese for mango. I bet they’ve never received that request before.

After tasting my new tomato mango salad creation on an ice cold plate, it took great effort to eat it slowly. The sweet tang of the honey balsamic tied the acidity of the tomato together with the sweet juicy quality of the mango. Fresh, chopped basil added an unusual taste twist in conjuction with the mango. It was a tropical, inland mixture masterpiece. I’ll be recreating this guy in my own little kitchen.

The main course arrived with laughter and tears. My grandmother and I talk about anything and everything, laughing at nothing and tearing up from the joy of being together. I wish we lived closer to each other. My entrée arrived amidst an engaging conversation, but my bacon wrapped scallops stole the show entirely. It was a constant struggle to maintain civil propriety while eating something so delicious that I could barely speak. I lost the thread of conversation more than once while slowly savoring my delectable dinner.

Crunchy bacon, juicy scallops and sweet mango... who could want more?

I'm hungry just looking at them. Mm mm, good.

I promise to make these mouth watering dishes myself and post the recipe. I’m so excited to cook this weekend. So excited. 🙂