So Delicious’ New Coconut Milk Chocolate Yogurt

Posted on September 17, 2011


Disclaimer: This treat is completely unsustainable on my current budget, but I indulge myself every once in a while.

I didn't take this picture.

This picture is straight from their website.

Earlier this week, when I couldn’t muster enough energy to make dinner, I drank a Guinness and ate a very special treat. I’d never indulged in So Delicous’ new Coconut Milk Yogurt. Let me tell you, it’s soooooo delicious that I wanted another. Too bad they’re only 6 ounces. Actually, maybe that’s a good thing. Oh! I didn’t tell you the best part. I had the chocolate yogurt. It was like eating coconut chocolate pudding that claims to be healthy. I’m not sure if I believe that claim, but, hey, I’ll take it. Mmmmmmmm.

If you can find it on sale, I highly recommend this “So Delicious” vegan treat.

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