Chocolate-Covered Kate’s Fudge Babies

Posted on November 4, 2011


Chocolate-Covered Kate's Fudge Babies

Alright, you guys. I haven’t quite perfected my peanut butter and jelly cookies (even though they were pretty darn good), so I don’t want to post the recipe yet. I also realized that I didn’t take any pictures (!?howcouldthishappen?!) of my pumpkin pie ice cream, so I’m not posting that quite yet either. That said, I found an amazing recipe that fit this week’s theme!

Say hello to Fudge Babies by Chocolate-Covered Kate. Her site is pretty amazing and you should all read every recipe on it. After my next grocery shopping adventure, I will be living in a chocolate-covered world. Thank you, Kate!

Chocolate-Covered Kate's Fudge Babies

Chocolate-Covered Kate's Fudge Babies

Fudge Babies 

Go here for the recipe! They’re divine. 🙂