Weasley Cake

Yeah, that’s right. I want to make a Weasley cake: ginger inside and out. How, though? Hmmm.

Should it be devoted to Ron, Fred or the Weasleys in general?

What would the cake look like? Should I actually use ginger? Does ginger go with orange? Does orange go with pumpkin? Should there be chocolate involved? The easy answer to those questions is “yes,” but I want this cake to be epic.

I need an event, as well. Maybe November 11th, the release date of the HP7 Part II will be a good enough event. Maybe I should wait for another birthday. Maybe I don’t need an event? See, if I start making cakes without a reason, I’ll eat them all the time and get fat. No, I need an event.

Hrm. All these obstacles and planning… I guess that’s what produces the best recipes and the best disasters. Speaking of disasters, my fail page is coming soon. Oh boy, do I have some magnificent failures.

I’m getting ideas:



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